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This page shares some of my research into the history, design, and use of U.S. Air Force installations. I gather information on bases used by the Air Force and it's predecessors (Army Air Forces, Army Air Corps, and Air Service). For aviation facilities, my time frame of interest ranges from the acceptance testing of the Wright airplane by the Army, to the present day. My interest has expanded over the years to include most military places in use by the Army or Navy by the end of the 19th century. This web site lives in the past, so don't look here for current events. I won't know about today's changes until they show up in the source documents I use -- years from now.

In case you're wondering about my motivation, growing up as an Air Force dependent, then serving in the Air Force 20 years (1977-1997) might have had something to do with it. I saw plenty of bases as a dependent, then as an active duty Air Force member. After I was bitten by the research bug, I started seeking out not just active bases, but also those of yesteryear. Whenever I travel, I plan side trips to places of interest.

This information does not reflect the views of the U.S. Air Force. My status is purely unofficial. I use official documents for most of my research, but the interpretation and conclusions are strictly my own.

If you like what you find here, please consider making a monetary contribution. Domain name registration and web hosting are not cheap, and you won't find any banner or pop-up ads here to annoy you.

Army Air Forces Installations -- The W.W.II Era

W.W.II Army Air Fields 50 Years Later Then and Now Comparison

W.W.II Contract Flying Schools 50 Years Later A Companion Piece Featuring "Civilian Bases"

Flight Strips An Introduction

Intermediate Fields An Introduction

Royal Air Force Training in Oklahoma during W.W.II A "quick look" at British training in The Sooner State

Jones Field, Texas A "quick look" at Jones Field and its auxiliaries

United States Air Force Installations -- Since 1947

Air Force Bases Joe McCusker's Excellent List of Air Force Bases

List of Air Force Bases A List of All Known AFBs, In and Out of CONUS, with Coordinates

List of Air Force Plants A List of All Known AFPs, with Purposes and Coordinates

List of Air Force GWEN Sites A List of the Relay-Node Sites in the Ground Wave Emergency Network

JAAFAR 4-70-01 An important document listing the bases transferred from the Army to the USAF in 1948

DAF G.O. #2 The first order redesignating Army Air Fields as Air Force Bases, in 1948

When does "Air Force base" have a Capital "B"? A DRAFT research paper

Barksdale AFB Off-Base Sites A Look at One Base and its Associated Installations

Perrin Field's Off-Base Annexes Off-Base Installations of Perrin Field / AFB

Runway Design A Look at the Influence of Aircraft Development on USAF Runway Design

NAVAIDsA Look at the Impact of NAVAID Systems on USAF Real Property Requirements

Nike Sites with Earlier or Later Use by the Air Force Same Property, New Name

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Architecture Photos of interesting civil buildings and structures.

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I started this web on 25 Jun 1998, as a free site on tripod.com. I obtained the domain name airforcebase.net on 17 Apr 2000.

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