W.W.II Army Air Forces Contract Flying School Airfields - Database Summary

4 Feb 2005 - Corrected spelling of Robins Field MS

Some of these airfields were operated by more than one school; in other cases the school's name may have changed during its period of operation.  Without knowing those details, I've simply listed each school name I've found for each airfield. 

I've added comments for those airfields which hosted glider training, Royal Air Force (RAF) training, women pilots' training, black pilots' training, service transition training, or navigation training.  Some glider schools changed roles and went on to conduct primary (also called elementary) or basic training.  Some of the schools marked RAF also trained U.S. pilots.  Schools with no comments conducted primary training only, or a combination of primary and basic.

Aberdeen SD Aberdeen Reg (ABR) civil airport 2.9 E Aberdeen 45-27 098-25-45 Anderson & Brennan Flying Service Glider
Albany Mun. Apt. GA Southwest Georgia Regional (ABY) civil airport 4 SW Albany 31-32 084-11 Darr Aero Tech, Inc. RAF
Antigo WI unknown unknown Antigo   Anderson Air Activities Glider
Arledge Field TX Arledge Field (F56) civil airport 5 SE Stamford 32-55 099-44 Stamford Flying School  
Lou Foote Flying Service
Coleman Flying School
Artesia Mun. Apt. NM Artesia (ATS) civil airport 6.5 W Artesia 32-50-30 104-30 Big Spring Flying Service Glider
Avenger Field TX Avenger Field (SWW) civil airport 3.5 W Sweetwater 32-28 100-28 Plosser-Prentz Air Academy Women Pilots
Aviation Enterprises, Ltd
Avon Park Mun. Apt. FL Avon Park Municipal (AVO) civil airport 1.5 W Avon Park 27-35 081-32 Lodwick Aviation Military Academy  
Mobile (NOTE 1) AL Mobile Regional (MOB) civil airport 10 W Mobile 30-41-25 088-14-20 Mobile Area Soaring Corp. Glider
Waterman Airlines, Inc.
Bennettsville Mun. Apt. SC Marlboro County (BBP) civil airport 3.5 NW Bennettsville 34-37 079-44 Georgia Air Service, Inc.  
Southeastern Air Service, Inc.
Big Spring Army Glider Training Sch. TX unknown non-aviation 18 NNW Big Spring 32-30 101-33 Big Spring Flying Service Glider
Bruce Field TX Bruce Field (E30) civil airport 4 S Ballinger 31-40 099-59 Fred Harmon Flying School  
Bush Field GA Bush Field (AGS) civil airport 6 SSE Augusta 33-22 081-57-45 Georgia Aero Tech RAF
Carlstrom Field FL Carlstrom Field (92FL) civil airport 7 SE Arcadia 27-07 081-49 Embry-Riddle Co. RAF
Chester Field MO Perryville Municipal (K02) civil airport 3.8 NW McBride 37-52 089-52 Anderson Air Activities  
Chickasha Mun. Apt. OK Chickasha Municipal (CHK) civil airport 4 NNW Chickasha 35-05-30 097-58-30 Wilson-Bonfils Flying Schools  
Cimarron Field OK Clarence E. Page Municipal (F29) civil airport 14 W Oklahoma City 35-29 097-49 Oklahoma Air College, Inc.  
Cleveland MS Cleveland Muni (RNV) civil airport 2 NW Cleveland 33-45-40 090-45-28 Cleveland School of Aviation  
Coleman Flying School TX Coleman Municipal (COM) civil airport 2 NE Coleman 31-51 099-24 Coleman Flying School, Ltd.  
Condor Field CA unknown non-aviation 5 N Twenty-Nine Palms 34-12 116-03 Twenty-Nine Palms Air Academy Glider
Corsicana Field TX C. David Campbell Field (CRS) civil airport 6 SE Corsicana 32-02 096-24 Air Activities of Texas  
Crookston MN Crookston Muni Kirkwood Fld (CKN) civil airport 3 NNW Crookston 47-48-45 096-37-15 L. Millar-Wittig Glider
Cuero Mun. Apt. TX unknown non-aviation 2.5 N Cuero 29-07 097-18 Brayton Flying Service, Inc.  
Curtis Field TX Curtis Field (BBD) civil airport 3 N Brady 31-11 099-20 Brady Avn School, Inc.  
Dallas Avn School & Air College
Curtis-Reynolds Airport IL Glenview CGAF (78IL) civil airport 1.6 NW Glenview 42-05 087-49 Chicago School of Aeronautics  
Curtis-Steinberg Field IL unknown non-aviation 3.5 SSW East St. Louis 38-34-45 090-10 Parks Air College  
Decatur Mun. Apt. AL Pryor Field Regional (DCU) civil airport 4 NNE Decatur 34-39 086-56-30 Southern Aviation Training School, Inc.  
Southern Airways, Inc.
Denton TX Hartlee Field Airport (1F3) civil airport 5.4 NE Hartlee 33-16 097-04 Harte Flying Service Glider
Dorr Field FL unknown non-aviation 12 E Arcadia 27-12-15 081-41 Embry-Riddle Co.  
Douglas Mun. Apt. GA Douglas Municipal (DQH) civil airport 1.3 S Douglas 31-29 082-51-30 Raymon O'Neal Aviation Co.  
Raymond-Brinckerhoff Aviation Co.
Raymond-Richardson Aviation Co.
Eagle Field CA unknown non-aviation 6.5 SW Dos Palos 36-54 120-40 Coast Aviation Corp.  
Aeronautical Training Center, Inc. CA unknown unknown El Centro   Aeronautical Training Center, Inc. RAF
Falcon Field AZ Falcon Field (FFZ) civil airport 6.9 ENE Mesa 33-27-15 111-44 Southwest Airways Co. RAF
Fletcher Field MS Fletcher Field (CKM) civil airport 8 NNE Clarksdale 34-17-30 090-30-30 Clarksdale School of Aviation  
Fort Stockton Mun. Apt. TX Fort Stockton-Pecos County (FST) civil airport 2 NW Fort Stockton 30-55 102-55 Pacific Air Schools, Ltd.  
Garner Field TX Garner Field (UVA) civil airport 2.5 ESE Uvalde 29-13 099-45 Hangar Six, Inc.  
Gary Field CA unknown non-aviation 5 NW Blythe 33-41 114-38 Morton Air Academy  
Goodland KS Renner Fld (Goodland Muni) (GLD) civil airport 2 NNE Goodland 39-21-30 101-42-45 William A. Ong Glider
Grand Central Air Terminal CA unknown non-aviation 2.5 NW Glendale 34-10 118-17-30 Grand Central Flying School RAF
Cal-Aero Training Corporation
Polaris Flight Academy
Grand Forks ND unknown non-aviation 2.6 WNW Grand Forks 47-56 097-06 Jolly Flying Service Glider
Greenville Mun. Apt. SC Greenville Dtn (GMU) civil airport 3.2 E Greenville 34-50-45 082-21 Southern Airways, Inc. Glider
Grider Field AR Grider Field (PBF) civil airport 4 SE Pine Bluff 34-11-15 091-56 Pine Bluff School of Aviation  
Hamilton TX Hamilton (MNZ) civil airport 2.6 SW Hamilton 31-40 098-09 Hunter Flying Service Glider
Harrell Field AR Harrell Field (CDH) civil airport 4 NE Camden 33-37 092-46 Wiggins-Marden Aero Corp  
Harris Field MO Cape Girardeau Regional (CGI) civil airport 6.5 SSW Cape Girardeau 37-14 089-34 Cape Institute of Aeronautics, Inc.  
Harvey Parks Airport MO Sikeston Memorial Municipal (SIK) civil airport 1.5 NE Sikeston 36-53-50 089-33-50 Missouri Institute of Aeronautics, Inc.  
Hatbox Field OK Hatbox Field (HAX) civil airport 2.25 W Muskogee 35-44-30 095-24-15 Spartan Aircraft Co.  
Spartan School of Aeronautics
Hays KS unknown non-aviation 1.5 E Hays 38-52 099-19 Harte Flying Service Glider
Hicks Field TX industrial park non-aviation 11 NNW Fort Worth 32-55 097-24 Texas Aviation School, Inc.  
W.F. Long Flying School
Howard Hughes Airport TX William P. Hobby (HOU) civil airport 9 SSE Houston 29-38-45 095-16-30 Aviation Enterprises, Inc. Women Pilots
Jackson-Madison Mun Apt TN McKellar-Sipes Regional (MKL) civil airport 4.5 W Jackson 35-36 088-55 Georgia Air Services, Inc.  
Janesville WI unknown non-aviation 1.8 NNE Janesville 42-42-15 089-00-30 Morey Airplane Company Glider
Jones Field TX Jones Field (F00) civil airport 1.5 N Bonham 33-36 096-11 Bonham Aviation School  
Kaufman County Apt. (Terrell Field) TX Terrell Municipal (TRL) civil airport 1.5 SE Terrell 32-43-30 096-16-30 Terrell Aviation School, Ltd. RAF
King City Airport CA Mesa Del Ray (KIG) civil airport 1.5 NNE King City 36-14 121-06-30 Palo Alto Airport, Inc.  
Lafayette Field LA LA Lafayette Regional (LFT) civil airport 1.5 SE Lafayette 30-12-30 091-59-30 Lafayette School of Aeronautics  
Lakeland Mun. Apt. FL unknown non-aviation 2.1 N Lakeland 28-04-30 081-57 Lodwick School of Aeronautics RAF
Lamesa Field TX unknown non-aviation 7.5 N Lamesa 32-50-45 101-55 John H. Wilson Glider School Glider
Clint Breedlove Aerial Service
Lindbergh Field CA San Diego Intl Lindbergh Fld (SAN) civil airport 2 W San Diego 32-44 117-11 Ryan School of Aeronautics  
Lonoke AR unknown unknown Lonoke   Kenneth Starnes Flying Service Glider
Love Field TX Dallas Love Field (DAL) civil airport 6 NNW Dallas 32-51-07 096-50-54 Dallas Air College RAF
Terrell Aviation School
Thirty-Sixth Street Apt. (NOTE 2) FL Miami International (MIA) civil airport 6 NW Miami 25-49 080-16 Pan American Airways, Inc. Navigation
Miami Mun. Apt. OK Miami Municipal (MIO) civil airport 2 N Miami 36-54-45 094-53 Spartan School of Aeronautics RAF
Spartan Aircraft Co.
Monticello MN Pilots Cove (20Y) civil airport 1 NNE Monticello 45-19-05 093-46-38 Hinck Flying Service, Inc. Glider
Moton Field (Tuskegee Institute Field #2) AL Moton Field Municipal (06A) civil airport 3 N Tuskegee 32-28 085-41 Tuskegee Institute Black Pilots
Mustang Field OK El Reno Municipal Air Park (F28) civil airport 6 SW El Reno 35-28-30 098-00 Oklahoma Air College, Inc.  
Midwest Air School
Oakland Mun. Apt. CA Metro Oakland Intl (OAK) civil airport 5 S Oakland 37-43-52 122-13 Boeing School of Aeronautics Service Transition
Okmulgee OK Okmulgee Municipal (OKM) civil airport 2 ENE Okmulgee 35-40 095-57 Sooner Air Training Corp. Glider
Ontario CA Chino (CNO) civil airport 6 S Ontario 33-59 117-38-30 Cal-Aero Academy  
Orangeburg Mun. Apt. SC unknown non-aviation 5 S Orangeburg 33-25 080-51 Hawethorne School of Aeronautics  
Parks Airport IL St Louis Downtown (CPS) civil airport 3 E East St Louis 38-34-15 090-11 Parks Air College, Inc.  
Pittsburgh Mun. Apt. KS Atkinson Municipal (PTS) civil airport 3.5 NW Pittsburg 37-27 094-44 McFarland Flying Service Glider
Plainview TX unknown non-aviation 5.5 N Plainview 34-16-15 101-43-00 Clint Breedlove Aerial Service Glider
Ponca City Mun OK Ponca City Municipal (PNC) civil airport 2.5 NNW Ponca City 36-43-30 097-06-30 Darr School of Aeronautics RAF
Rankin CA unknown non-aviation 6 SE Tulare 36-09-30 119-15-30 Rankin Aeronautical Academy, Inc.  
Riddle Field FL Airglades (2IS) civil airport 8 W Clewiston 26-44-30 081-03 Riddle-McKay Aero College RAF
Robins Field (NOTE 4) MS Bruce Campbell Field (MBO) civil airport 11.5 NE Jackson 32-26-45 090-06 Mississippi Institute of Aeronautics, Inc.  
Rochester MN unknown non-aviation 1.7 SSE Rochester 44-00 092-27 Fontana School of Aeronautics Glider
Ryan AZ Ryan Field (RYN) civil airport 13 SW Tucson 32-09 111-11 Ryan School of Aeronautics  
Ryan Field CA Hemet-Ryan (HMT) civil airport 2.5 WSW Hemet 33-44 117-01 Ryan School of Aeronautics  
Santa Maria Mun. Apt. CA unknown non-aviation 1 SE Santa Maria 34-56-30 120-25-30 Allen Hancock College of Aeronautics  
Sequoia Field CA Sequoia Field (Q31) civil airport 6 N Visalia 36-26 119-19 Visalia-Dinuba School of Aeronautics  
Souther Field GA Souther Field (ACJ) civil airport 3 NE Americus 32-07 084-11 Graham Aviation Co. RAF
Spencer IA Spencer Muni (SPW) civil airport 2.9 WNW Spencer 43-09-45 095-11-30 Hunter Flying Service Glider
Stillwater MN unknown unknown Stillwater   North Aviation Company Glider
Taylor Field FL unknown non-aviation 1.25 SW Ocala 29-10 082-10 Greenville Aviation School  
Thompson-Robbins Field AR Thompson-Robbins (HEE) civil airport   34-35 090-40 Akron Airways, Helena Aeronautics Tech.  
Thunderbird Apt. #1 AZ unknown non-aviation 12 NW Phoenix 33-36 112-10 Southwest Airways, Inc.  
Thunderbird Apt. #2 AZ Scottsdale (SDL) civil airport 15 NE Phoenix 33-37 111-55 Hayward and Connelly  
Tucumcari NM Tucumcari (TCC) civil airport 7 E Tucumcari 35-11 103-36-15 Cutter-Carr Flying Service Glider
Tulsa Mun. Apt. OK SW Part, Tulsa International (TUL) civil airport 6 NE Tulsa 36-11 095-54 Spartan Aircraft Co.  
Spartan School of Aeronautics
Union Airport NE unknown non-aviation 4.8 NNE Lincoln 40-52-30 096-37-45 Lincoln Airplane & Flying School  
Union City Mun. Apt. TN Everett-Stewart (UCY) civil airport 4.5 SE Union City 36-23 088-59 Riddle-McKay Co. of Tennessee  
Riddle Aeronautical Institute
Van de Graaff Field (NOTE 3) AL Tuscaloosa Municipal (TCL) civil airport 3 NW Tuscaloosa 33-13-30 087-36-30 Alabama Institute of Aeronautics  
Ventura County Apt. CA Oxnard (OXR) civil airport 1 W Oxnard 34-12 119-11-30 Mira Loma Flight Academy  
Victory Field TX unknown non-aviation 9 S Vernon 34-04-30 099-17-30 Hunter Flying Service  
Richey Flying Service
Vinita OK unknown unknown Vinita   Burke Aviation Service Glider
War Eagle Field CA unknown non-aviation 5 W Lancaster 34-42 118-14 Polaris Flight Academy, Inc. RAF
Mira Loma Flight Academy
Echeverria Field AZ Forepaugh Airport (44E) civil airport 17 W Wickenburg 33-57 112-59-30 Arizona Gliding Academy Glider
Claiborne Flight Academy
Woodward Field SC Woodward Field (CDN) civil airport 3 E Camden 34-17 080-34-30 Southern Aviation School RAF
Fort Morgan CO Fort Morgan Muni (3V4) civil airport 4 N Fort Morgan 40-18 103-48 Plains Airways, Inc. Glider

NOTE 1 - This flying school was located at the Mobile Municipal Airport.  After the flying school closed, the airport -- known as Bates Field -- listed as an Army Air Forces airfield under Air Transport Command.  Therefore, it also appears in my list of WWII Army Air Fields.

NOTE 2 - Later in WWII, after the flying school ceased operations, Thirty-Sixth Street Airport was listed as Miami Army Air Field, a Transport-Service & Maintenance base under Miami Area Technical Service Command.  For this reason, it also appears in my list of WWII Army Air Fields.

NOTE 3 - Starting in 1944, Van de Graaff Field was listed as a CAA Intermediate Field -- Site 59, FV-AG.  This was after the flying school closed.

NOTE 4 - I initially used the spelling "Robbins" since 14 of the 17 primary sources I consulted used two b's instead of one.  Steve Hickok obtained an official history showing the spelling as "Robins," named after General Augustine Warner Robins.