Intermediate Fields - Database Summary

Last update 25 Aug 2003

This is a DRAFT listing of intermediate fields, and only includes those fields shown to have formal AAF use during W.W.II.  It will be updated as more information comes to light.  See table at bottom of page to decode the air route city pairs.





Advance Intmed Fld MO
Site 48, NO-LS

.5 W Advance

37-07, 089-56


Alma Intmed Fld GA
Site 43, MM-AG

vic Alma

31-32-09, 082-30-23

Bacon County (AMG)

Arlie Intmed Fld TX
Site 9, AQ-FV

vic Arlie

34-40, 100-08


Arlington Intmed Fld OR
Site 12B, PD-SM

1 E Arlington

45-43, 120-10-30

Arlington Muni (1S8)

Batesville Intmed Fld MS
Site 29, NO-LS

3 W Batesville

34-18-00, 090-00-30


Battle Mountain Flight Strip NV
Site 35, SF-SL               (Note 1)

4 SE Battle Mountain

40-36, 116-52-15

Battle Mountain (BAM)

Brinkley MAP AR
Site 37, DL-LV

1 E Brinkley

34-53, 091-10-30

Federer Mem (M36)

Butler MAP GA
Site 14, TJ-AG

.5 NW Butler

32-34, 084-14

Butler Muni (6A1)

Clanton Intmed Fld AL
Site 27, PS-TM

vic Clanton

32-51-01, 086-36-41

Gragg-Wade Field (02A)

Cochise Intmed Fld AZ
Site T-3, PH-EO

6 S Cochise

32-02, 109-55


Corinth Intmed Fld MS
Site 7, PS-TM

5.6 W Corinth

34-54-30, 088-36-00


Crestview Intmed Fld FL
Site 21, NO-JX

2.5 N Crestview

30-48, 086-34


Crews Field NM
Site 42, EO-PU

11.5 SSW Raton

36-44-30, 104-30

Raton Muni/Crews Fld (RTN)

Delaware Springs Intmed Fld TX
Site 11, EO-FV
43.5 SSW Carlsbad 31-51-20, 104-32-40 unknown
Dell Flight Strip MT
Site 28, SL-GT                (Note 1)
1.5 NW Dell 44-44, 112-43 Dell Flight Strip (4U9)

Dryden Intmed Fld TX
Site 29, EO-JI

5.7 W Dryden

30-03, 102-13

Terrell Co (6R6)

Fort Collins Aprt CO
Site 5, DV-LR

4 WNW Port Collins

40-35-47, 105-08-07

Christman Field Airport (CO55)

Gainesville Intmed Fld TX
Site 6, FV-WD

3.5 NNE Gainesville

33-40, 097-08


Graham Intmed Fld TN
Site 59, DL-LV

1.5 NW Graham

35-53-00, 087-29-00


Greenville Intmed Fld AL
Site 24, NO-AG

5.5 WNW Greenville

31-51-00, 086-42-30


Hammond Intmed Fld TX
Site 16, GS-WC

2.5 SSE Hammond

31-03-30, 096-41-24


Jackson Intmed Fld GA
Site 57, MM-AG

5 SW Jackson

33-16, 084-01


Jasper Intmed Fld FL
Site 43, NO-JX

3 SSE Jasper

30-29, 082-56


Lane Intmed Fld SC
Site 24, JX-RW

3 S Lane

33-29, 079-53


Lively Intmed Fld VA
Site 6, NW-WA

3 W Lively

37-45, 076-34


Luxora Intmed Fld AR
Site 39, NO-LS

1 WNW Luxora

35-45-30, 089-57


Manchester Intmed Fld TN
Site 16A, AG-NA

4.5 ESE Manchester

35-27, 086-01


McRae Intmed Fld GA
Site 47, MM-AG

2 SE McRae

32-03, 082-52


Navasota Intmed Fld TX
Site 10, GS-WC

2.5 ENE Navasota

30-24, 096-03


New Hackensack Aux Fld NY
Site 7, LG-UL                               (Note 2)

2 NE Wappingers Falls

41-38, 073-53

Dutchess Co (POU)

Otto Intmed Fld NM
Site 73A, LA-AQ

1 SE Otto

35-04-30, 106-00-30


Rodeo Intmed Fld AZ

5 NE Rodeo

31-56, 108-58-30


Rolla Intmed Fld MO
Site 60, AQ-LS

3.5 NE Rolla

37-59, 091-43


Salt Flat Intmed Fld TX
Site 8A, EO-FV
48 NNW Van Horn 31-44-50, 105-05-27 unknown

San Marcos Intmed Fld TX
Site 31B, JI-FV

2 SE San Marcos

29-52, 097-55


Sulphur Springs Intmed Fld TX
Site 7B, DL-LV

1.5 NW Sulphur Springs

33-09-35, 095-37-16

Sulphur Springs (SLR)

Tallulah Intmed Fld LA
Site 36, FV-AG

2 E Tallulah

32-25, 091-09


Temple Intmed Fld TX
Site 40, JI-FV
Site 7B, DL-LV

2 NNW Temple

31-07, 097-22


Tintic Intmed Fld UT
Site 58A, LA-SL

2 NW Tintic

39-57, 112-12


Toledo Intmed Fld WA
Site 63B, SF-SA

3 NE Toledo

46-28-45, 122-48-15

Toledo Winlock Ed Carlson (TDO)

Vernon Intmed Fld TX
Site 15, AQ-FV

8 N Vernon

34-16, 099-18


Wendover AFB UT
Site 52, SF-SL                             (Note 3)

1 S Wendover

40-43-30, 114-02-07

Wendover (ENV)

Yoakum Intmed Fld TX
Site 7, JR-HU

5 NW Yoakum

29-19-15, 097-13-45


Zanesville Intmed Fld OH
Site 4A, CO-PG

6.5 N Zanesville

40-02, 082-01-30

Parr (42I)

Note 1 - Also a Flight Strip.

Note 2 - Later designated as an auxiliary field.

Note 3 - Later designated as an Air Force Base (AFB).

Airways Teletype Identification Codes

AG Atlanta EO El Paso LQ Las Vegas SA Seattle
AQ Amarillo ER Erie LR Laramie SF San Francisco
AZ Albany FO Fargo LS St. Louis SL Salt Lake
BH Birmingham FT Fresno LV Louisville SM Spokane
BJ Buffalo FV Ft. Worth MK Milwaukee SN South Bend
BO Baltimore GI Grand Island MM Miami SQ San Diego
BT Butte GO Goshen MP Minneapolis SR Syracuse
BW Boston GR Grand Rapids NA Nashville TJ Tallahassee
CC Cincinnati GS Galveston NO New Orleans TL Toledo
CG Chicago GT Great Falls NW Norfolk TM Tampa
CO Columbus HL Helena OH Omaha TS Tulsa
CR Corpus Christi HR Huron PA Palmdale TZ Tucson
CS Charleston HT Hartford PD Portland UL Montreal
CV Cleveland HU Houston PG Philadelphia VC Sault Ste. Marie
CX Cheyenne ID Indianapolis PH Phoenix VR Vancouver
DB Daytona Beach JI Brownsville PO Pendleton WA Washington
DH Duluth JR San Antonio PR Providence WC Waco
DL Dallas JX Jacksonville PS Memphis WD Wichita
DM Des Moines KC Kansas City PT Pittsburgh WG Winnipeg
DT Detroit LA Los Angeles PU Pueblo WI Wilkes-Barre
DV Denver LE La Crosse RK Bismarck XA Allentown
DY Dayton LG New York RW Richmond YK Yoakum

Civil Aeronautics Administration [CAA], Department of Commerce (1943, December 1). U.S. Army and Navy Directory of Airfields (Continental United States). Washington, DC: Commanding General, Army Air Forces.