Jones Field, Texas

Copyright © 2002, Scott D. Murdock


This is a "quick look" at Jones Field, Bonham, Texas.  Jones was one of many contract flying schools serving the Army Air Forces during World War II; you can find all the schools listed in my paper W.W.II Army Air Forces Contract Flying Schools.  I shared this information with the Perrin AFB Research Foundation, for a project they are undertaking on this subject.

Originally dedicated as the Bonham city airport on 11 Nov 1929 as George Jones Airport.  On 25 Jun 1941 the secretary of war approved building a flying school at Jones Airport.   The land was leased from the city of Bonham, and construction began in summer, 1941.  The school opened on 4 Oct 1941, and had three hangars and a 1200’ x 100’ asphalt ramp among its facilities.

This was a civil contract flying school, providing elementary flying training for the Army Air Forces.   At some point in time, probably in 1942, the property was purchased by the Defense Plant Corporation (who referred to it as PLANCOR 435) and leased back to Bonham Aviation School.  This was a typical arrangement for contract flying schools serving the Army Air Forces. 

The Army Air Forces unit on the field was the 302nd Flying Training Detachment.  The last student flew on 12 Oct 1944, and the school was inactivated on 16 Oct 1944.  The property covered 300.58 acres.

The field is located 1.5 miles N of Bonham, at 33-36, 96-11, and remains in operation as Jones Field (FOO).

Jones Field had four auxiliary fields.  Hrdlicka Auxiliary Field #1 was 8 NNE of Bonham at 33-41-58, 96-07-01. The field covered 155.35 acres and was leased on 8 Aug 1941.  It was named for a Bonham mayor.

Dickey Auxiliary Field #2 was 8 NNW of Bonham at approximately 33-42, 96-15.  It covered 145.86 acres and was leased on 12 Sep 1941.

Cravens Auxiliary Field #3 was 20 miles NNE of Bonham at approximately 33-50, 95-59.  It covered 256.40 acres and was leased on 1 May 1942.  It was named for the lessor.

Brown Field was 8 miles N of Bonham at 33-41-25, 96-10-35.  This field was more developed than the other auxiliaries, having 2 hangars and a 1500’ x 150’ asphalt ramp on its 293.88 acres.  A first parcel was leased on 1 Jan 1942; other parcels were leased on 15 May 1942.  It started operations on 25 Aug 1942, and closed 15 Oct 1944.