Scott’s Flight Reports

Copyright 1998-2013, Scott D. Murdock

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Military Aircraft

B-29 Superfortress Flight   A 2013 ride in the only flyable B-29 bomber.

Another Stearman Flight   A 2012 flight experience in a Stearman biplane.

P-51 Mustang Flight  A 2009 ride in a TP-51C fighter.

B-25 over Arizona   A 2007 ride in a B-25H bomber.

Flying Fortress over Dallas   A 2006 ride in a B-17G.

Texan Flight   A 2001 ride in an AT-6 Texan.

Stearman Flight   A 1998 ride in a Stearman biplane.

Bomber Flight   A 1999 ride in a restored B-24J Liberator bomber.

Bell UH-1F "Huey" Helicopter   My first helo ride, from Malmstrom AFB to Malmstrom AF Missile Site 0-1 and return, way back on 1 Jul 1982.  We departed from the former ADC fighter-interceptor alert hangar on Malmstrom, and enjoyed the Montana scenery on the way out to Oscar-One.

Civilian Aircraft

New Standard N-25 Biplane Flight   A 2011 ride in a 1931 biplane.

Champion Tri-Traveler   The exciting part of this flight was, I did the flying -- from taxi to takeoff to final approach!  My pilot took over for the landing (whew!).  Great fun!  This is a small, fabric-covered airplane with an old-fashioned control stick.  A great experience, flying out of Shreveport's Lucien Field Airport (F33) on 11 Sep 1994.  After takeoff, we had an aerial view of the former Slack AF Depot.  The airplane is based on the Aeronca 7FC design, which was used by the U.S. military as the L-16.

Piper Arrow III   Ken Dunn took me up for a ride in this airplane, from the Barksdale AFB Aero Club on 17 May 1996.  We flew over Barksdale Nike sites BD-10 and BD-50, and I took the aerial photos shown on my Louisiana Locations trip report.  We saw the former Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, and also looked for evidence of W.W.II bombing ranges north of Minden, without luck.

Cessna 172   Another ride from the Barksdale AFB Aero Club, on 1 Oct 1994.  Just a quick flight around the flagpole, but it was fun!  Had a nice view of Barksdale, and also Shreveport Downtown Airport (just over the river).

Grob G 103 Acro Sailplane    What a rush -- a ride in the front seat of a glider!   Flying out of the former Dillingham AFB, on 27 Jan 1990.  We were towed up by a surplus L-19.   Aside from the beauty of the Hawaiian coast, the big thrill was the aerobatics.  This was my first time experiencing stalls and loops in the air.  I even took the controls and performed a loop!  The landing back on Dillingham came much too soon.  Years after this flight I noticed that one of my photos showed Nike launcher site OA-84L, although you have to look close because of canopy glare in the photo. 

Quicksilver Ultralight   Okay, imagine a go-kart with wings.  That's what this felt like!  Wind in your face, looking down at the ground between your feet, what a thrill!  This flight was from the Kitty Hawk Flying Field (TS67), Garden Ridge, Texas, on 30 May 1993.

Cessna 182   I took off as a passenger, but didn't stick around for the landing. This was my one and only static line parachute jump, on 23 Oct 1977 at Elmdale Airpark, Abilene, Texas. 

Simulators, Static Displays, and Racecars

F-16 Flight Simulator    Not a flight, but a "ride" in a partial-motion F-16 simulator at Air Combat School, in Arlington, Texas.  This was on 3 Jan 1998.

Tupolev Tu-95M Bear and Ilyushin Il-78M Candid    I photographed these aircraft on Barksdale AFB on 22 Aug 1994, while both were on a goodwill visit from Ryazan AB, Russia.  I sat in the pilot's seat and the tail gunner's seat (after a climb) of the Bear.  After growing up with the Cold War, it felt odd to be taking photos in the cockpit of a Tu-95.  It was quite an eerie feeling to see a Soviet bomber on the Barksdale ramp!  I sat in the co-pilot's seat of the IL-78, and also toured the cargo compartment

NASCAR    And for those who prefer their "flights" low to the ground, you might like to ride in -- or drive -- a NASCAR racecar.