Comedy in Fort Worth - July 22, 2000  

Tonight Nancy and I went to a show at Hyena's Comedy Night Club, in Fort Worth. Yesterday morning I listened to a radio interview with the headliner, and decided this was a must-see show.

Well, it was better than anticipated. We laughed so hard we cried; we laughed till our sides hurt. The opening act for the show was Miguel Lorenzo, from San Antonio. He's honing his skills and has great potential, and did a good job of getting the room warmed up.

The star of the show was Rick Gutierrez. Not yet a household name, but he already has several TV and movie credits. A Latino cultural group has named Rick one of the top 25 Latino comics in the U.S., but his act has appeal to anyone from any culture. Rick, also from San Antonio, is a high-energy, animated, emotional comic with great material. Thankfully, he slowed down the pace every once in a while so we could catch our breath after laughing so hard! His act touches numerous topics, with the central themes of family and relationships. Don't pass up a chance to see Rick.

But here's the best part of this story. I knew Ricky when he first started stand-up comedy, in San Antonio, back in 1993. We performed in the same shows several times, in venues ranging from seedy bars on Southwest Military Drive, to the grandeur of the then-new River Center Comedy Club. We would compare notes on our performances and offer each other tips on our material and delivery. Even from his first performance, it was pretty clear that Ricky would succeed if he stuck with comedy.

Break a leg, Ricky. I'm darned proud of you. And when I see you on TV, I'll fondly remember those times we tried new bits on each other before a show, or had to watch our backs leaving a dive of a nightclub after a $10 gig!

(c) 2000, Scott Murdock

First published in The Murdock Muse, Midsummer Issue, August 2000