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4 Sep 2010 - Added additional photos.

Two weeks at Whiteman AFB, courtesy of my job. I flew through Kansas City International Airport (MCI), my first time at that airport. I visited Whiteman just last year, so my extracurricular activities were less extensive than on many of my trips. My fondest memory of this work trip was the afternoon I spent on the flight line; I walked the ramp photographing the hangars, with several escorts trailing me in two vehicles. At one point I was standing about 100 feet to the side of a B-2 stealth bomber with its engines running. That was a treat!

Friday, 14 Jul 2006

Whiteman AFB MO I made a long-overdue visit to the Oscar One Launch Control Facility (LCF), which is now preserved as a museum. Of the 100 Minuteman LCFs built for the six missile wings, this is the only one constructed on the support base itself. Because O-01 was on base, dormitory rooms and a kitchen were not needed in the LCF, so the Launch Control Building (LCB) is smaller than those found out in the field. Tourist photos are allowed and encouraged, so I took plenty!

(Hard Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna)
(Hard High Frequency (HF) transmit antenna)
(Trailers in compound)
(Ground hardware)
(Hard HF receive antenna)
(Launch Control Building (LCB))
(Hard HF receive antenna, hard UHF antenna, van)
(Intake and exhaust hoods)

Transition Space (elevator shaft/stairwell, access portal area)  
(Looking down stairwell)
(Elevator shaft)
(Looking up stairwell)
(View of access portal from Launch Control Center (LCC))
(Steps leading around LCC capsule)
(Stenciled sign)
(Blast door and elevator)
(Close up of blast door pins)
(Access portal)
(Access portal)
(Close up of blast door)
(View of LCEB from access portal)
(View of LCC from access portal)
(View of LCC from access portal)
(View of LCEB from LCC)
(View of LCC from LCEB)

Launch Control Equipment Building  

Launch Control Center (LCC)  
(General view of LCC)
(General view of LCC)
(General view of LCC)
(General view of LCC)
(General view of LCC)
(General view of LCC)
(Commander's position)
(Commander's rear view mirror)
(Commander's console)
(Commander's position)
(Close up of launch control panel)
(Detail of Deputy Commander's seat)
(Deputy's launch control panel)
(Deputy's position)
(Deputy's and commander's positions)
(LCC restroom)
(View of escape tunnel hatch from inside LCC)
(Shock damper)
(Equipment and shock damper)

A training Launch Facility (LF) once stood near O-01. It was demolished but an azimuth marker post remains. (You would not normally find an azimuth marker near a LCF).  
(Azimuth marker with LCB in background)
(Azimuth marker post)
(Azimuth marker post cap detail)
Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

On my way out of town I snagged one additional LCF and a few former Minuteman Launch Facilities (LFs).

Whiteman AF Missile Site I-01 MO
(General view from inner parking area)
(Fence with USAF sign)
(General view from access road)
(Hard UHF antenna)
(Concrete feature along access road)

Whiteman AF Missile Site I-02 MO
(Fenced Launch Facility (LF) with "I-02" sign)
(General view of LF from outer gate)
(Close up of "I-02" sign)

Whiteman AF Missile Site I-11 MO
(Gated access road)

Whiteman AF Missile Site M-03 MO
(Gated access road)
(View of LF from outer gate)

Whiteman AF Missile Site N-05 MO
(Gated LF)
(View of LF from outer gate)

Whiteman AF Missile Site N-06 MO
(Gated LF)
(View from outer gate)

Whiteman AF Missile Site O-09 MO
(Gated LF)
(with "O-09" sign)
(Outer gate)
(View of LF fenceline from road)

A pleasant drive back to MCI, turn in the rental beast, and I was homeward bound.



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