Scott’s Trip Reports

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Influenced and inspired by Mark Morgan, I document my visits to historic military properties. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, bookmark this page for bedtime reading!

Here is an alphabetical list of installation names, showing the applicable trip report(s).

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Loring at Last A successful return to Aroostook County in summer 2019.

Spring Break A quick romp between classes, May 2017.

Bigger Skies A road trip to Montana in Aug 2016.

The Road to Reno Road trip through several states out West, April-May 2016.

Totally Titan Finally, a tour of a Titan I missile complex, Oct 2015.

Beach Bums Vacation fun in South Carolina, Sep 2015.

Tower of Power A road trip to Montana in Aug 2015.

Going Coastal A journey to Delaware in Apr and May 2015.

Omaha! A road trip to Nebraska and Iowa in Nov 2014.

Odd Squad A photo inventory of the inactive 564th Missile Squadron Launch Control Facilities and Launch Facilities, 2011-2014.

Destination Dover A vacation trip to Delaware. And Pennsylvania. And Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Eight days of vacation fun in September 2014.

Under the Big Sky A road trip to Wyoming and Montana in June 2014.

Peacekeeper A photo inventory of the inactive Peacekeeper missile Launch Control Facilities and Launch Facilities, 2010-2013.

Sequestcation A summer's worth of road trips, mostly in Wyoming, in 2013.

North in November A short-notice mission to North Dakota in November 2012.

Maxwell Smart An adventure in Alabama in October-November 2012. My longest road trip to date.

Yoopers Cold War fun in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Seven days in August 2012.

Fortunate in Fortuna A road trip to Montana and North Dakota in July 2012.

Live Free or Die Seven days in New England: New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine in June-July 2012.

Before Snow Flies A four-day road trip in October 2011.

Montana Shakedown An adventure in Montana in July-August 2011.

Wanderings Miscellaneous visits I've made while living in Colorado, starting in 2007.

Spokane Spokes Sites near Spokane WA, and along the way from Denver, June 2011.

Kansas City Races A road trip to Kansas City in September-October 2010.

Ellsworth Echoes A weekend trip to Rapid City, South Dakota, August 2010.

Unidentified Photographs Please help me identify the locations of these photographs!

NPS, NASCAR, and NASA Ten days of fun and adventure in Florida, January-February 2010.

Small Town Sojourn Sites in Nebraska and Iowa, November 2009.

Oscar Zero A weekend trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota, September 2009.

Vandyland I drove from Denver to Vandenberg AFB for a two-week business trip in June 2009.

Fifty by Fifty Three trips, in March and April 2009, taking me to my 48th, 49th, and 50th states.

Nebraska A drive across the state in November 2008.

Carolina A weekend getaway to North and South Carolina, November 2008.

Michigan A quick weekend north of Detroit, September 2008.

OREWASH Washington and Oregon, visited in July 2008.

Wendover A long-awaited trip to UT in May 2008.

Snowbird Express A December 2007 visit to Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding area.

Living on Lowry Various visits to Lowry AFB and it's annexes, starting in July 2007.

Midwest Dirt Spending quality time in Kansas on my PCS drive from Texas to Colorado in August 2007.

Holloman Hijinks Visiting Holloman AFB and the surrounding area in April - May 2007.

Trinity Site Visiting the site of the first nuclear explosion.

Vacation Time Two trips, back-to-back, to Iowa in early 2007. With side trips along the way, of course.

Florida A to Z A visit in January 2007 to Avon Park and the surrounding mid-central Florida area.

Viva Las Vegas! A December 2006 visit to Nellis AFB and the surrounding area.

Alabama 2006 A visit to Maxwell AFB, Alabama, in October 2006.

Cannon Fun A September 2006 visit to Cannon AFB and the surrounding area.

Show Me Missile Sites A visit to Whiteman AFB, Missouri, in July 2006.

Subways, Buses, and Trains My first ever visit to New York City, June - July 2006.

Back to Beale A June 2006 revisit to Beale AFB and the surrounding area.

Kitty Hawk at Last! Seeing the sights in North Carolina, April - May 2006.

Abilene Again A March 2006 revisit of the Abilene, Texas area.

Arizona Antics A February 2006 visit to the Titan Missile Museum and other sites near Tucson, Arizona.

Beltway Defenders A December 2005 trip to Virginia and Maryland.

Why not Minot? An October 2005 romp across North Dakota.

Dickey-Goober or Bust! A July 2005 trip through Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Miscellany A catchall for various minor visits that don't merit individual reports, starting in 2005 and running through Jul 2007.

Wyoming Weekends Visits in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming made in the Spring of 2005.

Bases, Buses, and Boats Attending a Council on America's Military Past conference and exploring Maine military sites, in May 2004.

Meander to Madison A trip to Wisconsin for historic preservation training, in November 2003.

Mission to Marfa An overnight trip to see the sights in this remote area, in September 2003.

South Texas Flashback Several trips in south Texas in April - August 2003.

Career Change Scramble Two overnight trips in January 2003.

Variation Authorized A catchall for various minor visits that don't merit individual reports, 1994-2004.

Back to Maryland Nine days on the road: Texas to Iowa to Maryland and return, in September 2002.

Spring is in the Air A series of trips made during April - June 2002.

Answering the Call A one-day trip to Wichita Falls and Vernon, in December 2001.

Operation Solo Turkey Seven days on the road to Nebraska and back, in November 2001.

Killeen Sweep An excursion to Temple and Waco, Texas in August 2001.

Rapid City Maneuvers An eight-day expedition to South Dakota and back in May 2001.

Alabama Encore A 2001 trip through Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi to Alabama.

Alabama Revisited A 2000 trip through Mississippi and Alabama, with side trips to Tennessee and Georgia.

Tulsa Tour 2000 Three months worth of field trips in and near Oklahoma.

West Texas 2000 Colorado City, Sweetwater, Lawn, on a weekend in June 2000.

Return to Randolph A weekend in San Antonio, in 2000.

Dyess Missile Sites Atlas F sites around Abilene, TX, visited in 2000.

Lufkin at Last A trip to East Texas, searching for radar sites and old airfields, in 2000.

Thanksgiving in the Heartland Seeing some of the sights near Omaha, Nebraska, in 1999.

Abilene Roundup Searching for Dyess AFB off-base annexes in July 1999.

New England in May A 1999 swing through Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Central Texas Trip A 1998 visit to Brownwood AAFld and a few other nearby W.W.II bases.

Four Bases in One Day A 1998 look at the aboveground main bases in The Springs.

Crazy From the Heat A 1998 weekend field trip to Colorado and Wyoming.

Southwest Oklahoma A 1998 weekend trip to Altus Oklahoma and vicinity.

Perrin AFB and Vicinity A 1998 day trip to Perrin AFB and off-base annexes.

Louisiana Locations Various locations visited in and near Louisiana, 1994 - 1998.

Alexandria Business Trip A 1997 weekend in the Washington DC area.

Mascoutah Reunion Visit A 1997 weekend trip to the Scott AFB area.

West Texas Trip A 1997 excursion across Texas.

Arkansas Adventure Touring Air Force installations of Arkansas, in 1996.

New York Reunion Visit A 1995 journey through NY, VT, MA, and CT.

School Daze Three different 1995 excursions, rolled into one report.

The Detour Tour A return to San Antonio in late 1994.

Aerosmith Tour A concert road trip to Dallas, in 1994.

Alabama 4th of July A family visit to Alabama in 1994.

Let the Games Begin! A compilation of numerous base-finding trips from early 1994. The "Mother of all trip reports"!

In the Beginning A look at places and events that influenced my interest in military history.