Unidentified Photographs

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10 Jun 2021 - Cleared an additional photo from the list.

When you scan four large boxes of negatives and prints -- about a decade's worth -- you're going to find a few that you just can't identify. Where was this? When did I take this? I was able to clear most of my "unknowns" by matching up features in other photos, studying aerial photos, or checking the sequence from the negatives. But a few remain that I just can't figure out.

one - Identified by Chris Tingle as Selman Field LA!

two - Identified as Grider Field AR!

three - Identified as Amarillo AFB TX!

four - Jim Shropshire suggests "the yellow sign on the gable of the hangar may say MS State Housing or something similar. I thought it was KS originally, but the Kansas trailer plates at that time probably had letter-number combinations that were not split. Also there is a big black rectangle on the bottom left of Kansas plates."

five - Identified by Ross Sandmann as Perrin AFB TX!


seven - Identified by Thomas Taylor as Meacham Field TX!

eight - Identified by Darin Bundy as Worsham Airfield TX, a small civil airport near Pecos AAFld!

nine - Identified by Ron Johanson as Grenier AFB NH!

If you can identify the location of any of these photos, please let me know.

scott123murdock atsign yahoo dot com

I believe most of these were taken in 1994-1996, probably in TX, LA, AL, AR, or MS. Thanks in advance!