Joint Army and Air Force

Adjustment Regulations No. 4-70-1

Copyright 2002, Scott D. Murdock

This regulation, short title JAAFAR 4-70-1, was published by the Departments of the Army and the Air Force, on 14 June 1948.  It is important to the study of Air Force real property history for two reasons.

First, it discusses real estate policy for the newly-established Air Force.  This document paved the way for early Air Force regulations governing real property, so we might consider it a distant relative to the current Air Force Policy Directive 32-10, Installations and Facilities, and its supporting Air Force instructions and Air Force handbook.

Second, this JAAFAR contains the list of installations initially transferred from the Army to the Air Force.  It only lists large installations -- no annexes or sites -- but is still very fascinating.

The twelve pages of this document are linked below.  My photocopy was made from an original in the Authority Section of the Air University Library, and I thank them for making it available.

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